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If you are on Facebook, you have probably seen me post a lot over the last week or so about a variety of controversial topics.  From gun rights, to Susan G. Koman vs. Planned Parenthood.  Some might look at those topics and wonder how one can be for gun rights on one hand and support Planned Parenthood on the other hand.  Politcally speaking those subjects land on opposite ends of the political line.  So I thought I would take a moment and write about it.

First, if you’re NOT on Facebook you’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. So let me give some explanation:

Does this logo look familar to you?  It should, it looks an awful lot like Starbucks.  In a nutshell,  Starbucks follows the local laws regarding open carrying guns and anti-gun people don’t like it.  They are boycotting Starbucks starting February 14th until Starbucks changes their “policy” and bans guns in their stores.  In protest to this boycot, the “I <3 Guns and Coffee” movement was born.  Gun-rights activists supporting are Starbucks for upholding the law by encouraging people to visit their local Starbucks on February 14th to show their support.

Here’s a video that explains it all in more detail:


On Tuesday, January 31st, Susan G. Komen Foundation (who has funded Planned Parenthood for breast exams & mammograms) announced that they were changing their grant policies which would eliminate the funding of grants to Planned Parenthood.  Read the SGK Press Release here.  The public outcry for such a move including disapproval from some of SGK’s own executives, California affiliates as well as political figures calls out SGK for “bowing to right wing anti-abortion” pressure, which SGK adamintly denys.  Read the response from Planned Parenthood here.

In the fallout of this decsion, supporters of Planned Parenthood donated $4 million in 3 days, including $250,000 from New York Mayor Bloomberg. Today, Friday, February 3rd, SGK reversed its decision to cut support from Planned Parenthood.  Read the news releases from SGK and PP here.

So, there ya go.  So what is my postion on these issues?  And how can they swing so wide on the political line?

I have a very special Valentines’ Day date at Starbucks on February 14th to show my suppport for them for upholding the law.  I will be either be wearing my Girls with Guns t-shirt or hat or my NRA hat.  I have emailed Starbucks to let them know that I will be there showing my support.

I support Planned Parenthood in this war for funding.  Regardless of one’s beliefs about abortion, the fact is, Planned Parenhood is more than just a place to get an abortion (you can also get those at your OB/GYN, hospitals etc… should we stop funding those too?)  I am currently unemployed and rely on Planned Parenthood for birth control, and physical examinations.  As are millions of other women.  How many women all over the country will now go unchecked, unprotected, untested.  Losing funds for breast cancer exams means that PP will have to pull funds from other areas to cover it.   This issue is about women’s health and helping those who can’t afford insurance and saving lives.

I am pleased to learn that SGK has reversed its decision to fund Planned Parenthood, but am dissappointed that it came to this.  In addition, through all of this a lot of other information has come to light regarding SGK including excessive salaries for its principals and what little amount is actually going to research.  It’s just not right that a non-profit can remain “non-profit” by expensing what they aren’t spending on research and care into salaries and overhead.

I don’t think I will be supporting SGK anymore.  No more Race for the Cure.  I will focus my efforts on other ways to support breast cancer research and help uninsured women get the health and breast care they need.

For the record.  I am registered Republican, however when it comes to social issues, I tend lean to the left.  What I believe in most of all, is personal rights and personal responsibility.  I don’t believe that the government should have the right to tell me what to do, whether it be what I eat, how I dress, or medical procedures that I chose to or not to have.  It should not take away my Constitutional rights.  I also believe that each person has  responsibility for themselves.  It is not a government’s job to ensure that you eat well, dress well, have a roof over your head.  I believe that people have a right to their thoughts and feelings and have the right to share them. I also believe that we also have a right not to have to listen.  Live and let live.

So that’s it.  That’s how I see it.

P.S. Before you mention the fact that I’m currenly on unemployment thereby relying on the government to survive, let me say this;  I have been working since I was 15 years old. That’s 22 years worth of taxes I’ve paid and project another 20+ years of working and paying taxes.  I think I’m getting a return on my “investment”.

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