7/18/10 – My First Premier Designs National Rally

Me & Christine on the stage

Last week, I was in Ft. Worth, Texas for my first Premier Designs National Rally.  It was an experienced all right.  Texas in July is HOT, at 100+ temperatures.  The humidity wasn’t as bad as it could have been but it was definitely worse than California.  When it was still 90 degrees at 10:00 pm, I was thankful for the Delta Breezes at home. 

Walking the stage for Quick Start 6 recognition

The days were long as we left the hotel at 8:00 and didn’t return until after 11:00 pm each night.  It was really great to see so many jewelry ladies in one place and to see all the nifty jewelry combinations.  So, what did we do for four days for 16 hrs???  We listened to testimonials from those who have been there, done that.  There was lots of recognition for those who have accomplished specific goals. 

I was one of the lucky ones to be recognized for acheiving my Quick Start 6 goal of holding 6 shows in my first 45 days!  I got to walk across the stage with several hundered other women and shake the hands of the Senior Leaders.  BUT, what makes it even more special is that I got to do it twice!  See, I didn’t realize that there were two sides of the stage to come out of and when I went back stage, I got in the first line I saw and came out on the wrong side of the stage.  None of my friends saw me cause they were looking for me on the other side!  When I went back to my seat, Christine wasn’t there, she was waiting for me on the other side of the stage to take a picture.  So I went to go find her.  When I found her, we both were disappointed that she didn’t get a photo so she said. “Go through again!”  I just looked at her like, “are you crazy?”.  She was… so I DID!  The parade was ending and I ran backstage and up the stairs past all the stagehands and came out the very last person, shook some more Senior Leader’s hands, waved to all my new Premier friends in the stands cheering for me and laughed all the way through. 

In addition to the recognition, there were inspirational stories and trainings, motivational speakers and stories of the last 25 years of the business.  Founders, Andy & Joan Horner spoke of the begining of Premier Designs as well as the begining of “Andy & Joan”.  We learned of all the great things that Premier does for the under privelaged in the US and abroad.  They introduced the new jewelry line of 155 amazing new pieces.  During our breaks, we were allowed to see the new jewelry up close and personal in the Jewelry Playground.  We tried it on, matched it with other pieces, marked the new catalog with all we wanted to purchase.  We got to meet the vendors who support Premier and who Premier supports.  The manufacturers, the missions, the jewelers.  There was lots to see and do at the convention center.  Which is why we didn’t get back to the hotel until after 11:00 at night. 

On the last day, we celebrated our men and women in the armed forces.  We all dressed in red, white & blue, the families of those serving took the stage, as well as those in attendance and still serving.  It was an emotional and beautiful tribiute.  My new friend Melissa from New Jersey was one of  those family members on stage.  I took video of the National Anthem as well as the tribute to each branch of the armed forces.  They are about 6 minutes each.  You can view them at these links:

National Anthem: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reneeviehmann/4812130963/in/set-72157624417483967/

 Armed Forces Tribute: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reneeviehmann/4811066723/in/set-72157624417483967/

So, what did I come away with from attending my first Rally?  First, I came a way with new friendships and new and improved friendships.  I came away with a renewed engergy and motivation to work my business.  While there were a lot of encouraging words and stories, the one thing that really stuck with me was Andy’s words of “You can’t chase two rabbits and catch one” when he was talking about those who try to do more than one type of direct sales business.  While I’m not trying to do that, I am however trying to to do five different jobs: regular work, Premier, website building,DDS board member, BWCA club founder.  I realized that I needed to take stock in my life and find out what is most important for me and work towards those goals.  Premier calls this “Finding my WHY”.  Why am I doing this.  Changes are imminent. 

I look forward to growing my business and meeting new people along the way.  I hope to see you at a Premier Designs Jewelry show sometime soon. I can’t wait to give you some new jewelry. 

My new Premier Friends

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