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9/28/09 – I am a hunter — 3 Comments

  1. Renee: thought I recognized Holly in one of those pictures! Congratulations on getting your license and making the transition from hunt tester to hunter. And thanks, too, for keeping your Weim engaged in the way the breed was always intended to.

    best wishes + welcome to the club

  2. thanx renee for the great summary of your experience at the women’s pheasant hunt weekend at birds’s landing. i was part of your group ~~~ loved every second of it! here is some information about our age range…i am 64 (perhaps you were guessing my age when you mentioned someone being 60.)
    after joining your yahoo group i was flooded with emails. at first i was surprised, then annoyed at the volume and frequency of them; even thinking of somehow unjoining or changing my preferences, but after clicking on your blog (instead of the yahoo group) I AM LOVING THEM. go figure.
    all i think about now is where to go hunting next. could this be yet another friggin new addiction? sigh.
    thanx for networking.

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