Breeding Plans for 2012

Liz and I have had lots of inquiries on whether or not Roxie will be bred again.  We have been discussing it for over a year now. After a lot of discussion back and forth we have decided that there will be a breeding this spring (or sooner depending on Roxie’s cycle).  However, this time I will be doing the breeding with the Liz’s guidence.

What does that mean?  It means I will be choosing the stud dog, handle the breeding, interview and choose homes, whelp and raise the puppies and start to teach them how to be good puppies when they go home.  I won’t be doing this all alone however, Liz  (and my mom) will be there helping me along the way.  Not to mention all the amazing breeders I have come to know over the last five years.  If I have any questions, I’m sure that any one of them will be willing to help me out.  I feel very blessed to have such a great newtork of breeders around me both locally and around the world (including FRANCE!).

First up, I need to choose a stud dog.  I have several dogs in mind and am currently in talks with them.  If you are a breeder and are reading this blog post and would be interested in breeding your stud to Roxie, please contact me.  I am looking for good confirmation as well as a strong hunting drive.  A male on the shorter side to balance out Roxie’s tall frame is preferred.  As for temprament well, we all want a sweet, dog so he must be sweet, and obedient and love to be around people and kids.

While the search for Roxie’s next boyfriend continues, the next step is to choose a kennel name.  I have a few ideas that I’m kicking around but I’d like to hear from you if you have any ideas let me know.  Heck, my webiste “reneerox” came from a suggestion from a friend on Facebook!  So here’s a little bit about things that might go into choose a kennel name.  We live in the Sacramento area of California.  Roxie and I run together along the river parkway, camp on the coast, hunt, and play together.  It’s just her and I.  I’d like to have something of 1-2 words ending in “Weimaraners”.  I will be breeding both blue and gray weimaraners so while I am considering kennel names with “Blue” in it, it isnt’ necessary.  So, tell me what you think?  Got ideas? Post them here in the comments section below or on Facebook and give me your ideas.

Once a kennel name is decided upon, I will be creating a whole new website for it so keep a look out and be sure to sign up to receive updates on the upcoming breeding.  In the meantime, you can check out Roxie’s revised page on THIS website here:

Next up, start going through applications and interest emails that Liz has forwarded to me.  I will be looking for homes willing to get out and do something with their Weims.  Whether it be hunting, showing, performance or something other than having a couch potato dog because as you know, Weim’s need to be active before they can be good couch potatoes!

This will be an exciting time in the Viehmann household!  If you are in the Sacramento area and want your fill of puppy breath, just let me know!!

Well, that’s the update for now.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Kathleen Bray says:

    Cant wait for the follow up news!!!!

    And any name you choose will be perfect, I’m sure. You always do things so nicely.

    Perle and Gus had their first Bird experience at Deb’s last weekend.
    Maybe you can teach old dogs new tricks. They looked so beautiful pointing that bird. First time ever.

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