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2/28/10 – Hunt Test Attempts 3 & 4 — 4 Comments

  1. I read this to Bob. Sure sorry you’re having this problem. Bob was saying in the past with our Weims that he hunted he had this happen too on occasion. He fed the dog before hunting half their food. I’m sure you can get some expert advice with your people there. Well good luck Weims can get really block headed when they want to can’t they, you can see in their eyes they know.

  2. Unfortunately, food wasn’t the issue. That would be easy to resolve. She had eaten a full breakfast beforehand. She is just very strong willed and doesn’t do anything she doesnt want to do no matter what her training is. This is a fight we’ve had since she was a puppy. I just need to learn how to handle it.

  3. Hey Renee… Welcome to MY world!!!!!

    You’ll get’em next time!!!!


  4. I was there with her bracemate Kacey. Roxie did everything beautifully except for the last 10 yards of the retrieve. Just a small speed bump to deal with. She will get it.

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